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breise gamesWe buy and sell classic video games and systems, such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64 and more! In association with C&T Electronics, Breise Games specializes in retro video games and accessories. We currently have available Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games and systems. More is coming soon! Competitive pricing and customer satisfaction is important to us. Our mission is to turn back time, to bring you a satisfying and nostalgic experience of playing classic video games that you may have played as a child in your home or at an arcade. All games, accessories and systems have been cleaned and tested.

Appointments are required for evaluating and purchasing game case items. Appointments must be made at least one-day in advance and are subject to approval. Game case purchases are cash-only transactions. Please check our Game Case Policies page for more information.

Monday – Friday: 06PM – 08PM PST
Saturday, Sunday: Not Applicable
*Excluding holidays, observances and special events. Game Case Hours specify appointment hours and do not indicate unscheduled availability.

We reserve the right to change the information provided in the table below at any time at our sole discretion without notice. Use the contact form below or call to ask for an up-to-date inventory of our stock and prices.

1080 SnowboardingN641GoodInstruction Manual Included$10
Aerofighter's AssultN641GoodNone$7
Banjo KazooieN642GoodNone$25
Blast CorpsN641GoodInstruction Manual Included$10
Body HarvestN641GoodNone$10
Diddy Kong RacingN64Sold OutGoodNone$20
Donkey Kong 64N64Sold OutGoodRequires N64 Expansion Pack to play$20
Extra ControllerN641GoodNone$20
F1 Grand PrixN641GoodNone$5
Fighter's DestinyN641GoodNone$7
Golden NuggetN641GoodNone$10
Goldeneye 007N643GoodNone$25
Killer Instinct GoldN641GoodInstruction Manual Included$20
Madden Football 64N641GoodNone$5
Mario Kart 64N641GoodNone$45
Mission ImpossibleN641GoodNone$5
Monster Truck MadnessN641GoodNone$10
Mortal Kombat 4N641GoodInstruction Manual Included$15
N64 Expansion PackN641GoodNone$20
NHL HockeyN641GoodNone$5
Nintendo 64 - CONSOLEN64Sold OutVery GoodPower Cord, Controller (1), Composite Cable$65
Pilotwings 64N641GoodNone$10
Showtime NBAN641GoodNone$5
Space InvadersN641GoodNone$12
Star Fox 64N641GoodNone$20
Star Wars Episode One RacerN641GoodNone$10
Star Wars Shadows of the EmpireN641GoodNone$10
Super ManN641GoodNone$5
Super Mario 64N641GoodNone$30
The Legend of Zelda Majora's MaskN64Sold OutGoodGold Hologram
Reqires N64 Expansion Pack to play
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeN641GoodNone$25
The New TetrisN641GoodNone$15
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterN64Sold OutGoodNone$10
Toy Story 2N641GoodNone$10
TurokN64Sold OutGoodNone$15
Virtual ChessN641GoodNone$10
War GodsN641GoodNone$8
WaveraceN641GoodInstruction Manual Included$10
WCW MayhemN641GoodNone$5
WCW NitroN641GoodNone$7
Winnie the PooN641GoodNone$10
Wrestlemania 2000N642GoodNone$10
WWF AttitudeN642GoodNone$5
Yoshi's StoryN641GoodNone$20
Bases LoadedNES1GoodNone$5
Castlevania 2 Simon's QuestNES2GoodNone$10
Castlevania 3 Dracula's CurseNES1GoodLabel Slightly Damaged$25
ContraNESSold OutGoodNone$40
Demon SwordNES1GoodNone$10
Donkey Kong ClassicsNES2GoodNone$20
Double DragonNES1GoodNone$15
Dr, MarioNES2GoodNone$10
Dragon WarriorNES2GoodNone$10
Duck TalesNES1GoodNone$20
ExcitebikeNESSold OutGoodNone$10
Extra ControllerNES4GoodNone$12
Final FantasyNES1GoodNone$15
Ghostbusters 2NES1GoodNone$10
Kid IcarusNESSold OutGoodNone$15
Maniac MansionNES1GoodNone$20
Mega Man 3NES1Near MintNone$25
NES Max Turbo ControllerNES1GoodNone$10
Ninja GaidenNES2GoodNone$15
Ninja Gaiden 2NES2GoodNone$15
Ninja TurtlesNES2GoodNone$10
Ninja Turtles 2 The Arcade GameNES1GoodNone$20
Ninja Turtles 3NES1GoodNone$30
Nintendo - CONSOLENES1GoodPower Cord, Controller (1), Composite Cable$75
Pac ManNES1GoodTengen Cart$10
Rad RacerNES1GoodNone$10
RC Pro AmNES2GoodNone$10
Snake's RevengeNES1GoodNone$10
Solar JetmanNES1GoodNone$7
Star TropicsNES1GoodNone$10
Super Mario Bros 3NES1GoodNone$17
Super Mario Bros.NES3GoodNone$10
Super Mario Bros. 2NESSold OutGoodNone$17
Super Mario Bros/Duck HuntNES4GoodNone$10
The ImmortalNES1GoodNone$10
The Legend of Zelda GOLDNES1GoodNone$20
Ultima ExodusNES1GoodNone$10
Wizards and WarriorsNES1GoodNone$10
WWF WrestlemaniaNES1GoodNone$5
Zapper GunNES3GoodOnly works with older tube style televisions$10
Zelda 2 The Adventure of LinkNES1GoodInstruction Manual Included$20
Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link - GOLDNES2GoodNone$17
Zoda's RevengeNES1GoodNone$10
Donkey Kong CountrySNES1GoodNone$30
Donkey Kong Country 2SNES1GoodNone$25
Donkey Kong Country 3SNESSold OutGoodNone$25
Extra ControllerSNESSold OutGoodNone$15
Extra Controller (Aftermarket)SNES5GoodNone$10
Fatal FurySNES1GoodNone$10
Final FightSNES2GoodNone$15
Goof TroopSNES2GoodNone$15
Jurassic ParkSNES1FairNone$10
Ken Griffey Jr's Major League BaseballSNES2GoodNone$10
Mega Man XSNES2GoodNone$35
Mortal KombatSNES1GoodNone$15
Mortal Kombat 2SNESSold OutGoodNone$15
Pac Man 2SNES1GoodNone$5
Porky PigSNES1GoodNone$7
Sim CitySNES1GoodNone$10
Speedy GonzalezSNES1GoodNone$7
Star FoxSNESSold OutGoodNone$20
Street Fighter 2 The World WarriorSNES1GoodNone$20
Street Fighter 2 TurboSNES1GoodInstruction Manual Included$25
Super Empire Strikes BackSNES1GoodNone$15
Super GodzillaSNES1GoodNone$5
Super Mario All StarsSNES1GoodNone$30
Super Mario KartSNESSold OutGoodNone$35
Super Mario WorldSNES3GoodNone$25
Super Nintendo - CONSOLESNES3GoodPower Cord, Controller (1), RF Cable$80
Super Off RoadSNES1GoodNone$13
Super R TypeSNES1GoodNone$15
Super Scope 6SNES2GoodRequires Super Scope to play$5
Super WrestlemaniaSNES1GoodNone$10
Tecmo Super Bowl 3SNES1GoodNone$20
The Legend of Zelda a Link to the PastSNES1GoodLabel Slightly Damaged$35
The Lion KingSNES1GoodNone$13
Tiny Toons Buster Butts LooseSNES1GoodNone$10
Tiny Toons Wacky Sports ChallengeSNES1GoodNone$20
Wario's WoodsSNES1GoodNone$10
WWF Arcade GameSNES1GoodNone$10
WWF Royal RumbleSNES1GoodNone$10

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