Game Case Policies

Do you have a separate phone number for game case inquiries?
Yes. Please call or text (619) 880-7637.

Do I Need An Appointment?
Yes. You will need an appointment for looking at or purchasing items from the game case or for selling video games, consoles and related items. Appointments are subject to approval and availability during posted game case hours.

Do you buy and sell from specific retro gaming systems?
Yes. We buy and sell consoles, accessories and games for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Game Boy Color and PlayStation One only. Sega was recently removed due to release of the Sega Mini Console in 2016.

Can I Trade Non-Gaming Item(s) That I Have To Sell For Gaming Merchandise?
No. Only in certain situations will this be considered and is subject to approval by both the store owner and gaming dealer.

Can I Trade My Gaming Item(s) That I Have To Sell For Gaming Merchandise?
Maybe. Depending upon your situation and what you are selling you may trade something in-store for your item, provided it is the same value or any difference is paid.

Do You Pawn Or Consign Gaming Merchandise?
No. We do not pawn or consign gaming merchandise. Your items cannot be reclaimed and we do not issue loans for these kind of items.

Do You Buy Or Sell Imported Games?
No. We only buy and sell North American games.

Do You Buy Or Sell Bootlegged Or Pirated Games?
No. It violates and infringes upon copyright law.

Do You Buy Unlicensed Gaming Accessories Or Controllers?
Maybe. We do not buy counterfeit gaming accessories or controllers, but we may buy licensed, non-OEM, third-party items.

Do You Buy Modified Gaming Consoles Or Accessories?
No. We do not accept customized or altered gaming merchandise.

Is There A Limit On The Number Of Games Or Gaming-Related Items I Can Sell To You?
Yes. The limit of identical items you can sell to us is five (5), per platform.

How Do You Assess The Quality Of A Video Game And Gaming Console For Estimating Its Value?
For video games, we look for: original artwork condition, instruction manual condition, case condition, cover condition and disc/cartridge condition. For gaming consoles and accessories, we look for: overall condition, official brand stickers/stamps/etchings, missing or damaged parts and functionality. For limited edition or collector’s edition video games, gaming consoles or accessories, we look for all of the above, including assessment of the original content it should include (such as bonus materials, inserts, books, special items, added artwork, etc.).

What Is Your Buying Policy?
We will determine the value of your gaming item based upon the recent and trending sold price in the current marketplace and our careful examination of the item. Many factors go into considering the value of an item and our inspection will determine the current value of the item. Once the value is assessed, we will offer 30-50% of that value, depending upon the offer amount and its salability. After accepting the offer, we will need to process the sale through CAPSS (California Pawn & Secondhand Dealer System), which will require an up-to-date, acceptable federal or state-issued identification card. You must be at least 18 years old to sell and you cannot get your items back after selling it. As required by state law we are required to collect the following information for each transaction: full name, current address, phone number, date of birth, race, sex, eye color, hair color, height, weight, identifying marks, thumbprint, signature, current photo and all details regarding your item(s). All transactions are digitally archived for three years and records are available to law enforcement agencies as required by state law. Other than requests from law enforcement for such records, all transactions are private and not shared with anyone. All items sold to us are held for a minimum of thirty (30) days before being sold. We reserve the right to refuse to offer to purchase any item that you show us for any reason that we deem in our sole discretion.

Do You Offer A Warranty?
No. All sales are considered final and no returns or exchanges will be accepted. All items are sold in “AS-IS” condition, without any warranties, whether expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Further, we disclaim any warranty on the condition of any item sold. We do not assume, or authorize any person to assume on our behalf, any liability in connection to the sale of any items sold by C&T Electronics, Fuller Electronics & More or Breise Games. The above disclaimer does not, in any way, affect the terms of any applicable warranties from the manufacturer of the item sold.

Are Games, Gaming Consoles And Accessories Tested In-Store?
Yes. All gaming merchandise is tested in-store prior to being bought or put on display. If you are considering buying an item, you may request for a live demonstration of its functionality before purchase if you have an appointment.

Brand New: Unopened and/or unused item
Like New: Opened and unused or gently used
Very Good: Used with limited signed of wear
Good: Used with markings and obvious signs of wear
Acceptable: Used and functional, but otherwise the worse for wear
N64: Nintendo 64
NES: Nintendo
NGB: Nintendo Game Boy
NGBC: Nintendo Game Boy Color
PS1: PlayStation One
SNES: Super Nintendo

This page was last updated on December 12, 2016