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The repair statuses shown here are by request only. When you bring in your television for repair we may ask you whether or not you wish to have your repair status shown on the website. If you opt not to have that information on the website you forfeit the ability to have it put on later. Diagnostics and Repair Estimates are not eligible for this offering.

You will not be e-mailed or texted about your repair status. We generally do not call you until after the completion of a repair. The information shown on this page will be available for up to three (3) business days after you pick up your item. Please expect up to a 24-hour delay (during business hours) in updating the status of your repair. Some phases may be skipped if they occur on the same business day.

Sometimes a warning will appear in a repair status. If you see this notice in your repair status please call us immediately. This warning will look like this:  PLEASE CALL US IMMEDIATELY