How to Measure a TVs’ Dimension

display sizeWhile the majority of people understand how to measure the display size of a television or monitor, there are still those who do not quite understand. In this article, we will go over how to determine your screen size.

First, there is what is called the “outer dimension”, which is measured diagonally along the front. This size is usually never referred to and is simply a measurement of the size of the panel.

Second, there is the “viewable display size”, which is what is also measured diagonally along the front, but only on the screen itself.

It should also be mentioned that depending upon your monitor’s aspect ratio, or “proportional relationship between width and height”, one displays may look different than another with the same size. 4:3 or “Full Screen” is an old standard, which looks much squarer than its more common 16:9 (or “Wide Screen”) format, which looks more rectangular.

Another way of finding out what the screen size of your display is is to look at the model number. Usually, it will have a number which tells you the size of the display, such as the Dell S2340T (a 23″ monitor) or the LG 50PA4500 (a 50″ HD TV).