Plasma TVs Buy Them Now Before They’re Gone!

No, this isn’t a sales pitch—it’s the unfortunate truth. As confirmed by an article on Consumer Reports*, plasma televisions are going the way of the dinosaurs. This is likely due to lack of consumer interest caused by both misinformation and the increasing affordability of (lower quality) LCDs**.

As a relatively superior technology to the commonplace LCD screen television, it is a wonder how manufacturers could altogether drop production of plasma’s instead of, perhaps, release a few choice models in limited quantities.

It is our assumption that the decision was likely a very easy one for them to make, as plasma televisions tend to be sturdier and last longer. With a more reliable product now off the shelves, their comparatively inferior products can take center stage and form a consistent cycle of continuing profitability that repeats about every 24 months (provided the consumer doesn’t purchase an extended warranty, which most do not).

As such, we suggest that you go out and get a plasma right now if you can find one at your local store. Make sure to get an extended warranty in order to protect your investment, because after it breaks there is a very good chance you will have no other choice than to switch to LCD.

*This is not to say that quality LCDs do not exist, only that the products consumers usually look for or find in stores are not quality products, but inferior, cheaply-made products that will very likely break within 18-24 months from its manufacture date.

**LG is no longer manufacturing plasma televisions, although the heading in the article mentions it being the last manufacturer left. There are currently no plasma televisions left being manufactured by any consumer retailer.

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