Black Friday Television Deals

black fridayEvery year, the United States celebrates Thanksgiving by coming together and sharing a meal. These times are often followed by getting great deals on Thursday evening or Friday morning for various bargain items.

One of the biggest sale items tends to be televisions, with people clamoring to wait hours on end for amazing Black Friday Brown Thursday discounts, such as the Toshiba 49” LED HDTV for $149.99 from Best Buy.

As we’ve mentioned before in other articles, we find it imperative to acquire an extended warranty when purchasing a television, given that their first catastrophic failure is usually about 18 months after purchase. This is particularly the case for these deeply-discounted televisions, which is usually because the television is either:

  • Unpopular and/or rated poorly, so the business is trying to liquidate them;
  • A model that is “dated” and may have been manufactured a year or more ago;
  • From a surplus that was acquired for very little and is likely composed of the cheapest components.

For many, spending the time and money on getting these televisions and then having them break down a bit later is a “drop in the bucket”, so to speak. When the television does break the repair cost is very likely to match or exceed the original sale price.

It’s also worth mentioning that quality begets price; a concept that is universal to almost all items, from televisions to vehicles, to restaurants and more.

An extended warranty protects your investment and if you value the time and money invested in the television, you would acquire it. If, however, you understand that the televisions sold at these low, low prices are not an investment, but instead more of a consumable item (like a roll of toilet paper or cup of coffee), then be prepared to stand in line for another one during Black Friday the following year, or a maybe bit later.