About Us

ownerCarl was born in Brooklyn, New York and moved to San Diego, California in the early 1980s. He was employed at Curtis Mathes Corporation in the mid-80s as a television repair technician. In 1992, he and his best friend and business partner, Ted (who specialized in printers and networking), formed C&T Electronics. Their first location was in Miramar, where they befriended their neighbors Mike and Mary, owners of Benjamin’s Bargains Pawn Shop, as well as several other business owners located in the same small strip mall.

Carl and Ted created many long-time professional relationships with many residents, business owners, local companies, and even branches of the military, including the Navy, Marines, and SPAWAR. In 1997, Benjamin’s Bargains relocated to Casa de Oro, in the city of Spring Valley. One year later, C&T Electronics moved to the same strip mall as Benjamin’s Bargains, replacing Accurate TV, a TV repair shop that according to its previous owner, Sid, had existed since 1948.

Since then, the business has expanded to include Carl’s adult children and other family members. After Mike’s unfortunate death in 2013, Benjamin’s Bargains was closed. Some time later, Carl decided to expand the business to do pawn and got his pawnbroker license in 2017. As of today, C&T Electronics now: repairs TVs, buys gift cards, gives personal loans with collateral (pawn), and buys/sells secondhand items, including tools, electronics and jewelry.

Bureau of Household Goods & Services: #70188
California State B.O.E: #25-917268
California State D.O.J: #000000946
Authorized Repairs: Sanyo Only