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Carl, extremely top notch service helping me over the phone. I felt so comfortable especially learning knowledge of the issue I have. 5 star for you Carl. Thank you so much.

Richard R. – San Diego, CA
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Good place I purchased a brand-new Lincoln welder from them, no problems, no hassle.

Community Voice (Local Guide) – San Diego, CA
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Been coming here for a while now and all I can say is this place ROCKS!!! Every experience I’ve had here has always been very awesome they treat their customers with major respect and will get you in and out very quickly. Wanna stay and chat? They’re fine with that too. Also, now a pawn shop so if you got “pawning needs”. I recommend C&T.

Rob M. – San Diego, CA
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Excellent professional service. Wonderful people. Now has pawn shop.

Clay S. – San Diego, CA
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Hello, my name is Arthur L. I own a Pioneer Plasma Elite Pro 1140. I paid a little coin for the TV ten years ago. I’ve never had a problem with it, then it started turning off for no reason. I live in Paradise Hills … and had a difficult time finding anyone that works on plasma [televisions]. Next day, my wife … looked on Yelp and found C&T Electronics … and I talked with Carl. We dropped it off the next day [and] wouldn’t you know it, the TV worked perfectly. I told Carl to keep it a couple of days. The next day it shuts off. GREAT.

Carl tells me he could fix it in a couple of days; I say sure, being a little skeptical. Carl dropped it off and the price was reasonable. It’s been perfect ever since. WOW! [From] what I’ve heard online plasmas are difficult … and very expensive to work on, and Carl did it in astounding two days. I was really impressed by Carl’s knowledge and professionalism. I would definitely recommend this man in all my electronic needs. I have a bookshelf stereo I think I’ll have [him take] a gander at. Thank you very much Carl and family.

Arthur L. – Paradise Hills, CA
Cited from Yelp

Really nice guys, knowledgeable and willing to help get it fixed.

Drew S. – San Diego, CA
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These guys are awesome! Took my iPad in to sell it and they gave me a super fair price and were extremely friendly! They definitely have my future business!

Shaeley L. – San Diego, CA
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Awesome customer service!

Elizabeth R. – San Diego, CA
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Very good and well established upcoming business. They’ve been around for a while and without a doubt are the most reliable and honest resellers out of the hundreds out there. Don’t get ripped off and go there and try them out.

Matthew H. – San Diego, CA
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Took my daughter’s turntable in to get a new stylus put on it. The gentleman who was working there came over looked at it and told me, “there’s two ways to do this, I can fix it and charge you or you can order the stylus online and install it yourself.” He showed me how to do it, took the old stylus out and showed me the numbers on it so I could order it online! It was such great customer service that I returned a week later and bought myself a technic’s turntable for myself! I’m a loyal customer for life now! Thank you guys for being so friendly and helpful!

Johnny M. – San Diego, CA
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I have a Vizio big screen just out of warranty and it wouldn’t turn on. So I asked Siri for a TV repair shop and C&T is what she found. I called and spoke to Carl who told me if I brought it by they would give me a free estimate. I brought it in 2 days before thanksgiving and he let me know it would be after the weekend, which, was totally understandable. On The following Tuesday Carl called me and said my TV works perfectly and there would be no charge as all they did was drain the power from it and turn it on (Vizio had tried to do this with me on the phone but it didn’t work), which, they had done every day and every day it worked perfectly. Now a dishonest repair shop could have easily got me for a couple hundred dollars ( the tv cost $1700) and I would have paid it and been none the wiser. Thank you guys for your honesty and integrity and if I can recommend anyone I definitely will.

Max V. – San Diego, CA
Cited from Yelp

My Samsung went out on me while I was binge watching Game of Thrones a few weeks ago. I thought my warranty hadn’t expired yet, but nope! I got lucky and it died a month after my extension. Figures! Anyway, I spent a lot of time and money to get this baby and I wanted it fixed. The crap they have at Walmart, Target and Best Buy just don’t compare to what I have now. So, my dad suggested C&T. I guess he’s had some of our TVs and VCRs serviced in the past. I had to hunt them down because he thought they were still in Miramar.

I go there with my TV and after five minutes they tell me what the problem is and a range on what it’ll cost to fix it. Awesome. Hopefully it’s on the low side, because I might have to lag a bit on picking it up in order to save up the monies. They said it’s no problem and I could pick it up to a month after it is fixed, so long as I pay for the part.

I get a call two days later and it ends up being the power supply. The part was $60, which I could afford right then. They called later that week and said it was done. I explained I had to wait until my next paycheck to pay the remaining $200 and they were cool about it.

Monday I picked it up and they tested it out in front me, helped me put it into my car and set me on my way. Overall, I was very happy with the service and the price. Thanks again!

Kathy M. – San Diego, CA
Cited from Yelp

Great people, great service, great prices. What more can I say? Every time I bring something in to their store they tell me the truth. Sometimes it’s not good, but most of the time they can fix it when no one else will even try. Thanks!

Juan D. – Spring Valley, CA
Cited from Yelp

Great customer service! My dad has been having trouble with his TV. I read a few reviews online about and decide to go with this place. They were quick honest and very helpful. He could’ve easily made something up to get $$$ out of this visit, I am 100% sure if and when any of our friends or family need electronics repair that I will refer them to C&T Electronics. Thanks guys.

Jose O. – San Diego, CA
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My 60 in Sony Bravia and 46 in LG both required service simultaneously for clarity and picture brightness. Other minor problems that had been present were found by the technicians at C&T and were communicated to me. A quote was given within 2 hours and both units were repaired within four days. C&T picked up and returned and installed both sets. Carl was professional, friendly and was punctual with the agreed upon times for pickup and delivery. Carl programmed the remotes to the DVR’s to alleviate multiple remote controls that were in use. I would recommend C&T to anyone who requires fast and efficient repair service.

Leon B. – San Diego, CA
Cited from Yelp

This shop has been around for a long time, and today I learned that it’s a great place for some fast electronics repairs. They also have a decent inventory of cheap used flat screen TVs and small home stereo equipment if you’re in the market. My needs were extremely basic…one of my Philips home theater speakers stopped working because of a frayed wire. I brought it in and they spliced the wire for $10 in less than 10 minutes. They performed a resistance test for me and confirmed that the speaker was still in perfect working order. It works like a dream again! If I need electronics repair in the future, I’ll definitely come here again.

Anonymous – La Mesa, CA
Cited from Yelp

If you need an honest and reliable TV repair guy, call Carl. I made the call when the first repair guy never followed up with making an appointment to see my TV. I made the call at 10 am and got an appointment that day at 4pm. My TV was fixed by 4:30pm that same day and it did not cost me the over $200+ the first guy quoted me. It was 75% less with friendly service. Thank you!

Soltek Design Build – San Diego, CA
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Made the call at 10 am and got my TV fixed by 4:30pm that same day. Saved me over $200 from the first repair guy I called who never followed through. Thank goodness! Will recommend this place to all my family and friends. House calls or in service. My Sony WEGA projection lamp that I purchased online and tried to install myself and my TV still did not power up. Carl knew exactly what the problem was when I called and for a small fee came to my home and fixed the problem. Call him, you will not be disappointed or ripped off!

Nicole G. – San Diego, CA
Cited from Yelp

Best call I ever made. Totally fixed my Stone Age rear projection TV in less than 24 hours. Have no fear of calling these guys, they rock!

Brett M. – La Mesa, CA
Cited from Yelp

My Sony Bravia suddenly showed nothing but vertical colored lines. Called C and T and over the phone he determined that the panel was bad and I’d need a new TV. He described the inner workings of the Sony set, what the weak link was, and had suggestions for a replacement. Honest guy, in a land of disreputable repair people who will charge you $50 for a household visit to tell you the same thing. He also clued me in on the Costco warranty extension – for a few bucks more you can get 5 year warranties. Sweet.

Jeff P. – Spring Valley, CA
Cited from Yelp

My Toshiba 42″ wouldn’t turn on. I paid for the in home visit. It was taken back to the shop and returned after having to order a part. It was fixed expertly and efficiently.

Cora B. – San Diego, CA
Cited from Yelp

My Vizio 55″ LCD TV had a burned out main board. All I know is that I went to the store, came home and smelled a burning plastic smell. I didn’t think much of it so I put the groceries away and went to turn on the cable box and TV. To my surprise, neither device was powering up. I began to believe there was a short or something while I was gone. I take a closer look behind the TV and other devices and it appeared the cable box and TV were fried. Not knowing what to do next, I naturally looked for a TV repair service. I called a few and none of them picked up the phone. I called C&T and the gentleman was very attentive and straight forward. I brought the TV to his shop. I had no idea there was a TV repair shop there. Normally when I am in that strip mall, I am there for Sarita’s.

Anyway, the tech helped me unload the TV and brought it into his repair area in his shop. He said he would call me when he finds out what the problem was. In my mind I knew this type of repair was not going to be cheap and what bugged me the most was I don’t even know what the heck caused all this. So he calls me within a day and tells me that I had the mainboard of my TV was fried. He also pointed out the HDMI cable was burned and part of the HDMI end was seared/fused into the mainboard of the TV. He went on to explain that the ground may have touched the hot wire in the junction box causing a surge. The surge went through the cable box first and from there, carried the current through the HDMI cord from the cable box to the TV. Bizarre, I never knew that could even happen. I even have a surge protector.

He explained that the cable box should have stopped the surge and it should have never reached the TV. Therefore, the fault of the damage was on the cable company. Wow, go figure! He said that I needed to contact the cable company and let them know that their product was the cause for the damage to my TV and they are responsible for the repair, not me. Oh man, I had this sick feeling that it was easier said than done but I did as he said. The tech also said to give his contact information to the tech at the cable provider so they can discuss the issue on a professional level and he can provide documentation and pictures to reinforce his findings.

I spoke to the cable company and I passed the information to contact the TV repair tech. The TV repair tech interacted with the cable provider, sent the email with pictures and explanations. The next thing I know, the cable company is calling me back apologizing and informing me they will pay for the cost to repair my TV. I was amazed, shocked, and grateful at the same time. C & T went out of their way to make this happen. They could have easily just fixed it and charged me but they stayed professional and honest and guided me through this whole ordeal. Everything was resolved within days and my TV was back home and running in no time. I am forever thankful for C & T and recommend them. They demonstrate how honesty, experience, and care still exists.

Peter P. – San Diego, CA
Cited from Yelp

I called them this morning in concerns with my 55″ Samsung led TV. Yesterday I turned the TV on and it wouldn’t recognize none of the HDMI cables. The guy told me to unplug the TV for a few minutes. So I did and it works fine now. That was minor however the fact that the shop didn’t take advantage of my ignorance is what matters. I have been repairing computers sense ’94 and have seen the horrors of people getting taking advantage of.

Kevin G. – San Diego, CA
Cited from Yelp

Carl expertly repaired my 1994 Mitsubishi 35” TV to a like-new picture. He also set up my new DVD player on my other TV set and helped me move both player and cable box to a more convenient location. He then reviewed with me the functions and best way to coordinate all 4 of my remotes for ease of operation. This was great service at a fair price. I am very satisfied and will call C&T again if I need future TV/Stereo service.

Darryl W. – San Diego, CA
Cited from Google

These guys are great a family owned business. Carl came to my home fixed my TV for less than anyone else. The Geek Squad wanted 150 dollars just to show up. Thank you C&T. I would recommend them to everyone.

Joe B. – Unknown
Cited from Yellow Pages

Job well done! Thank you C&T for fixing our TV so fast and for less than anyone else. It was great to do business with someone who is honest and does what they say a rare find these days. Thanks again.

Anonymous – Unknown
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